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Making Molecules Summative

Making Molecules

Name of molecule:    
Phosphoric Acid 


Use of the molecule:
Phosphoric Acid is used to create fertilizers, detergents, and pharmaceuticals. It is also used as a flavoring agent in carbonated beverages (including coca cola), beer, jams, jellies and cheeses.

A molecule is a group of atoms bonded together. It is the smallest unit of a chemical compound. It can make a chemical reaction. Molecules are made when atoms are floating and need it's electrons to connect, then the electrons connect with other atoms that need another electron. This creates bonds and bonds create molecules. Phosphoric acid is a crucial ingredient for Coca Cola, a liquid that probably everybody has heard about once in their lifetime and is the soda that sells most around the world.
It is very important for everyone to understand molecules because everything in the world is made up of them. After knowing what things or made of we could we could understand old problems and fix them. We could innovate in field's like technology were we could understand how to make more intelligent pieces that will help the human being. Pharmaceuticals were we can make new medicines to fix diseases that we haven't had the knowledge to cure, and finally to make a better place were people respect the things and learn to make things and depend on their own. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Making Molecules Formative

Making Molecules

A molecule is a group of atoms bonded together. It is the smallest unit of a chemical compound. It can make a chemical reaction. Molecules are held together by bonds. Bonds connect two atoms. With no bonds molecules wouldn't exist. It is very important for everyone to understand molecules because everything in the world is made up of them. Knowing what molecules are you could understand everything a lot better, once you understand you can fix old problems and discover new things including medicine and technology. If everyone knows what things are made of people would put more sense onto what they do and we would have a greater, more improved society.

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Build an Atom


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Particle Behavior Summative

Particle Behavior 

How clothes dry at a room temperature: There are various different reasons about why does this happens. The first and most important is evaporation which means that because of the heat and sun the liquid water particles in the piece of clothe turn into gas water particle and start to move all around (not in the piece of clothe).
How do liquids boil at lower temperature when they are in a higher altitude: Water boils faster in higher altitude because the air is less dense (there is less pressure) which means there are less particles in the air and more space for the gas water particles to go around outside of the kettle. Meanwhile in a low temperature the air is a lot more dense which means there are more particles and less space for the water particle to go out of the kettle.

This is the relationship between the elevation the water is being boiled at and the temperature it needs for it to be boiled.

How can we smell things around corners without seeing them: We can smell things around corners because food particles (solids) are always flying around. For example if there is a doughnut cart in the corner of the next block the doughnut particles will start to fly around until it reaches your nose and you smell the doughnut.

My phenomenom:
What happens when you breathe to a window on a cold day?
What happens when this happens is that the particles you are breathing out turn due to the cold turn very quickly from gas shape into liquid shape when they touch the window. That is why we can feel the window is wet after doing this.

This shows the glass of the camera full of liquid particles which the girl has just let out.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Particle Behavior Video

Made By: Alejandro Camargo, Renzi Giraldo, Eduardo Carriazo, Ana Urrutia, Valerie Gleiser,     Sam Falls

Making Tea

Making Tea

After doing the tea experiment I realized that with cold water the tea bag floats completely and the tea particles slowly blend in with the water particles. If you do it with hot water the brown tea particles will blend in with the transparent water particles and we will see them easier because the water is less dense. Also we can see that in the water the atoms are changing places and moving quickly all over the water because it's a liquid. While in solids they would just keep moving in the same place.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Potential and Kinetic Energy

     Potential and Kinetic energy is about how everything around us including us works, moves and transforms the world around us. It is very important and it's all around us.

     There are a lot of forms of energy around us which are divided into two big categories, Kinetic and Potential energy. Inside potential there are four types of energy including gravitational and elastic energy. And kinetic energy has five forms, for example sound and light energy. 

     The law of energy conservation says that energy can never created or destroyed,but can always be transformed from one form to another. For example in a light bulb. The light bulb turns electrical energy from the wires and transforms it into light and heat energy. But it never gets destroyed or disappears.

      Potential energy is energy that is stored in an object. There are four forms of potential energy, elastic, gravitational, chemical and nuclear. One example of potential energy is a set of batteries they are filled with chemical energy, and when you put them in an object it transfers it's chemical energy into other forms of energy. 
     Kinetic energy is energy that is moving. There are five forms of kinetic energy, electric, thermal, light, sound and mechanical. One example of kinetic energy is when light energy is traveling. Another one is when you are playing an instrument you are creating   sound waves which move until they get to you, so it makes it kinetic energy.
    So what? Energy is very important to us for us to get a better understanding of how everything around us works. By understanding how everything around us works we will be able to innovate and create new things and have a better understanding who we are and answer things we never could. Remember everything has energy.

Monday, September 14, 2015

How does the kinetic energy of the object affect the speed of an object?

Graphing Velocity & Kinetic Energy Class Reflection

I think the kinetic energy of an object affects the speed because the more kinetic energy the car or thing that is moving has the more speed it will have. The potential (gravitational) energy from the top of the ramp changes into kinetic (mechanical) energy when the car starts to go down. Then when the car is in the bottom it turns back to potential (heat and sound) energy which decreases the car's speed. I think that the graph is shaped like it is because when the car gets to the bottom of the ramp it is the moment when the car is at it's maximum speed but when the ground is flat the speed decreases again. In the kinetic energy graph we could see that the place were the most kinetic energy was used was in the end of the ramp after the potential (gravitational) energy turned into kinetic (mechanical). But then it turned into potential energy so the mechanical energy turned into sound and heat energy.