Monday, September 14, 2015

How does the kinetic energy of the object affect the speed of an object?

Graphing Velocity & Kinetic Energy Class Reflection

I think the kinetic energy of an object affects the speed because the more kinetic energy the car or thing that is moving has the more speed it will have. The potential (gravitational) energy from the top of the ramp changes into kinetic (mechanical) energy when the car starts to go down. Then when the car is in the bottom it turns back to potential (heat and sound) energy which decreases the car's speed. I think that the graph is shaped like it is because when the car gets to the bottom of the ramp it is the moment when the car is at it's maximum speed but when the ground is flat the speed decreases again. In the kinetic energy graph we could see that the place were the most kinetic energy was used was in the end of the ramp after the potential (gravitational) energy turned into kinetic (mechanical). But then it turned into potential energy so the mechanical energy turned into sound and heat energy.

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  1. Good. I like the way you referred to the graphs. Include pictures in the summative.