Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Potential and Kinetic Energy

     Potential and Kinetic energy is about how everything around us including us works, moves and transforms the world around us. It is very important and it's all around us.

     There are a lot of forms of energy around us which are divided into two big categories, Kinetic and Potential energy. Inside potential there are four types of energy including gravitational and elastic energy. And kinetic energy has five forms, for example sound and light energy. 

     The law of energy conservation says that energy can never created or destroyed,but can always be transformed from one form to another. For example in a light bulb. The light bulb turns electrical energy from the wires and transforms it into light and heat energy. But it never gets destroyed or disappears.

      Potential energy is energy that is stored in an object. There are four forms of potential energy, elastic, gravitational, chemical and nuclear. One example of potential energy is a set of batteries they are filled with chemical energy, and when you put them in an object it transfers it's chemical energy into other forms of energy. 
     Kinetic energy is energy that is moving. There are five forms of kinetic energy, electric, thermal, light, sound and mechanical. One example of kinetic energy is when light energy is traveling. Another one is when you are playing an instrument you are creating   sound waves which move until they get to you, so it makes it kinetic energy.
    So what? Energy is very important to us for us to get a better understanding of how everything around us works. By understanding how everything around us works we will be able to innovate and create new things and have a better understanding who we are and answer things we never could. Remember everything has energy.

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