Monday, October 26, 2015

Particle Behavior Summative

Particle Behavior 

How clothes dry at a room temperature: There are various different reasons about why does this happens. The first and most important is evaporation which means that because of the heat and sun the liquid water particles in the piece of clothe turn into gas water particle and start to move all around (not in the piece of clothe).
How do liquids boil at lower temperature when they are in a higher altitude: Water boils faster in higher altitude because the air is less dense (there is less pressure) which means there are less particles in the air and more space for the gas water particles to go around outside of the kettle. Meanwhile in a low temperature the air is a lot more dense which means there are more particles and less space for the water particle to go out of the kettle.

This is the relationship between the elevation the water is being boiled at and the temperature it needs for it to be boiled.

How can we smell things around corners without seeing them: We can smell things around corners because food particles (solids) are always flying around. For example if there is a doughnut cart in the corner of the next block the doughnut particles will start to fly around until it reaches your nose and you smell the doughnut.

My phenomenom:
What happens when you breathe to a window on a cold day?
What happens when this happens is that the particles you are breathing out turn due to the cold turn very quickly from gas shape into liquid shape when they touch the window. That is why we can feel the window is wet after doing this.

This shows the glass of the camera full of liquid particles which the girl has just let out.

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